himekuri free

Write your own dates on himekuri free sticky notes. [ himekuri free ] First version, 3 designs (cat, trip, watercolor) On sale from Friday, July 30th, 2021 “himekuri free” are sticky notes onto which you can write your own dates. They bring vibrant color to your day notebook, diary, or small memos. With 3 design themes and 20 sticky notes each for a total of 60 sticky notes, each with a different pattern, you’ll be excited to use them every day. Filling in the digital numbers for the date allows you to create a stylish date sticky note. You can use them for a variety of purposes, such as marking the date you read a book or the date you opened a container of food. himekuri free product details Designs: 3 (cat, trip, watercolor) Mount size: 110×145mm / Sticky notes: 25x38mm / Material: paper / Units: 20 sticky notes x 3 blocks (60 total) / Price: 750 yen himekuri free cat Illustration: Mao Hagiwara The cats move around energetically with the three themes of “mischief”, “catnap”, and “playing”. himekuri free trip Photos: Tomomi Isa Beautiful pictures from around the world are grouped into 3 themes: “colorful”, “night”, and “blue”. himekuri free watercolor Design: Makiko Fukushima A simple watercolor design which fits in with any scene. The beautifully shifting hues bring a splash of color to your journal. Catalog 2022 himekuri catalog[English](PDF・3MB) https://himekuri.info/en/2022_himekuri/