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himekuri is a stationery brand that has been developed based on the theme of “cherishing each and every day”.

himekuri note

himekuri note

A5 slim size Tomoe River paper notebook
[himekuri note]
plain, stationery, cat

This is an A5 slim notebook made of Tomoe River paper that you will want to use every day. Makiko Fukushima, the supervisor of this notebook, has put her heart and soul into it.

  • You can put “himekuri” on this notebook and use it as a valet journal or diary.
  • As a portable notebook.
  • As a special notebook for writing with a fountain pen.

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The main paper is for Tomoe River notebooks (52.3g/m2, cream).

It is very comfortable to write on with a fountain pen, and the paper is thin but does not bleed through.
The pages are 110, which is plenty ,but thin enough to carry around easily.

Compact and easy to write in, A5 slim size (210mm x 105mm)

The A5 slim size is highly portable and easy to keep open on a desk. The thin but no deflection paper makes the size possible.

Binding with 180-degree opening and thread binding

The book opens 180 degrees flat without the need to press down with your hand, so there is no stress when writing.

Playful design for cover and ruled line.

The double covers with a window adds a sense of playfulness and design elements that have not seen in conventional notebooks. Save your stickers by sticking them in here. The cover can also be used as a bookmark.

The ruled line design is different for each of the three types. The plain notebook is ruled with an orthodox gray 5mm grid line, the stationery notebook is ruled with a light blue 5mm grid line, and the cat notebook is ruled with a pink dot grid line (with some paw dots).

“himekuri note” Product specifications

Size: A5 slim (210 mm (length) x 105 mm (width))
Number of pages: 110 pages
Body paper:Tomoe River Notebook Paper (52.3g/m2 / cream)
Ruling: himekuri note…5mm square ruled, printed in gray, himekuri note Stationery…5mm square ruled, printed in blue, himekuri note Cat…5mm dot ruled, printed in pink, with paw dots
Cover: with window and flap

Price: 980 yen + tax



2022 himekuri catalog[English](PDF・3MB)

2022 himekuri