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himekuri is a stationery brand that has been developed based on the theme of “cherishing each and every day”.

Original adhesive page-a-day calendars available in small lots (50+)

Original adhesive page-a-day calendars available in small lots (50+)

Original adhesive page-a-day calendars available in small lots (50+)

Design your own original himekuri!

You can create a one-of-a-kind himekuri calendar using your own materials, such as character illustrations, pictures of pets, train images or hobby photos.
The calendars can be produced in small lots (50 or more), making them perfect for use as event goods, mementos or freebies.

What is himekuri?

himekuri is a new type of page-a-day calendar. It won the Award of Excellence in the functionality category at the 2018 Japan Stationery Awards.


・The background color changes each week. The transition of colors makes it easy to check the current day at a glance. (Utility model registration #3216131)
・All 365 days have their own unique design, so it’s always fun to tear off a page and see what lies beneath.
・All 365 pages have an adhesive back.
・With this new type of calendar, you can reuse the pages you tear off instead of discarding them.

Use the pages to mark dates in your bullet journal, or stick one to a package of food to keep track of when you broke the seal. The possibilities are endless.

What you can do with a himekuri original

・ Create 365 pages to cover the year, each with an adhesive back
* In addition to 1 year/12 months (53 weeks), you can also create calendars of 6 months (26 weeks) or 3 months (14 weeks).
・ Give each of the 365 pages a unique design
・ Insert birthdays, holidays, event schedules and other special dates
・ Create stories that span each week
・ Choose from five colors for the base (white, black, gray, dark brown or light brown)

Beyond just normal calendars, you can also create a variety of other types, such as countdown calendars or progress calendars marking each day of a lesson. The only limit is your imagination.

●For example, with your own illustrations:
●With hobby photographs:

Original himekuri price list

・ The above prices do not include tax. Consumption taxes will be charged separately.
・ If you would like to order more than 1,000 calendars, please contact us for an estimate.
・ The prices are for the calendars themselves (inside a polypropylene bag with an informational leaflet). If you require blister packs, please contact us for a separate estimate.
・ These prices only apply when you provide us with complete data for the calendars. We will provide you with a data template (AI format) on request.
・ We will deliver your calendars about 30 to 45 days after you provide the data.
・ A separate fee will be charged if you require us to create the data.

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