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himekuri is a stationery brand that has been developed based on the theme of “cherishing each and every day”.

himekuri masking tape case

himekuri masking tape case

Storage case for masking tape
[himekuri masking tape case]
Vanilla, mint, aquamarine (limited color), rose quartz (limited color), blue, pink, brown

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A dedicated storage case for masking tape that is full of Japanese techno logy.
Fancy paper is pieced together to create a paper that is very tactile.

You can organize your masking tape in a compact manner. A window allows you to enjoy the pattern from outside.

The door closes and stays in place with a magnet.

It can hold about 38 pieces of 15mm width masking tape. Each tier is equipped with a stopper to prevent masking tape from rolling down.

Each shelf has a step to prevent rolling. It is also possible to put small items other than masking tape, such as small ink bottles.

The door is stamped with a single point of foil. The case has a gentle texture that blends in with the interior.

himekuri masking tape case Product Details

Box size: H195 x W220 x D55mm
Shelf size: H55 x W205 x D45mm x 3 shelves
Number of masking tapes stored: approx. 38 (for 15mm width)
Materials: paper, acrylic, magnet
Price: 3,828 yen (tax included)

himekuri masking tape case vanilla

The white color of the previous masking tape case, which was the most popular, has been renewed as Vanilla with a warmer white color.

himekuri masking tape case mint

A gentle green color that gives a sense of presence but is not too assertive. It is made to look more attractive when masking tape is stored.

himekuri masking tape case rose quartz (limited color)

Two-tone color: pale gray on the outside and pink on the inside. The pink inside peeking out from the calm exterior gives it a cute look.

himekuri masking tape case aquamarine (limited color)

Two-tone color: light blue on the outside and dark blue on the inside. The exquisite gradation of the same color makes it more than suitable for interior decoration.

himekuri masking tape case blue

himekuri masking tape case pink

himekuri masking tape case brown


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