himekuri mille-feuille

Translucent sticky notes that tell a story as you peel them himekuri mille-feuille All 5 types now on sale! green foxtail・hide and seek・pen and ink・Thank you・bears making sweets Each sticky notes have a different illustration. They tell a story each time you peel one. Thick tracing paper is used for the paper of the sticky note, giving off a sense of luxury. This is a new item that has never been seen before, combining a characteristic touch with texture. It is slightly and elegantly transparent. Each illustration is cute even when viewed alone. Supervised by Makiko Fukushima, Stationery Planner Sticky notes size: H70 x W70mm 15 sheets Price: 605 yen (tax included) Suitable for writing with oil-based pens, pencils and mechanical pencils. himekuri mille-feuille green foxtail Cats that are very interested in the green foxtail move around. Illustrations: Mao Hagiwara himekuri mille-feuille hide and seek Cats found a large box! They play by sticking their faces out of various places.This story is full of the elements that are unique to cats Illustrations: Mao Hagiwara himekuri mille-feuille pen and ink A story about writing characters using a fountain pen. Colorful ink, glass pens, and blotters also appear Illustrations: Mao Hagiwara himekuri mille-feuille Thank you Messages of gratitude are written using various colors pen. The design makes it easy to use these stickers in any situation in daily life Illustrations: Mao Hagiwara himekuri mille-feuille bears making sweets A pair of bears try their hand at making sweets! The illustrations with a soft touch and the heartwarming story are a good match Illustrations: Emi Tachibana   Catalog 2022 himekuri catalog[English](PDF・3MB) https://himekuri.info/en/2022_himekuri/ https://himekuri.info/en/himekuri-free/